Question: Fault detection 10500, 105XX 

      1. The LED light is off, check if the HMD power adapter is plugged in (if the headset is powered by a power adaptor)

      2. The LED light is red, check whether the USB on the HMD end and the computer end is plugged tightly 

      3. The LED light is red, check if the USB is not recognized, and yellow excalmatory mark is displayed in the universal serial interface in the device manager.

      (try to re-plug the HMD power adapter or restart the computer)

Question: Fault detection 10600, 106XX 

      1. Check if the DP line on the HMD end is plugged tightly or not (try to plug in other DP interfaces or use other computers)

      2. Check if the graphics driver is the latest version (recommend to log in to NVIDIA official website to upgrade)

      3. Uninstall the current graphics card driver and reinstall it.

Question: Fault detection 30000  

The service is not activated, open the service item in the task manager, find Piservicelauncher, right click to start the service item (if there is no such service, please close the anti-virus software and reinstall pitool)