1. Physical connection:

Please make sure you have both LCD monitor and Pimax headset connected.

Pimax headset could not work without LCD monitor.

Please make sure you have connected USB/DP cable with PC, and plug the power adapter accordingly. 

DP cable is inserted to the independent display card tightly. 

Red means connection issue found,The DP interface is not plugged in or the power adapter is not connected.

Green means the headset is connected.

Purple means "parallel projections" is turned on.

Blinking: DFU mode is on

You'd better install Win10 Pro as your operating system. It is quite compatible with steamvr and pitool.

2. Display card Driver:

Please make sure you have installed the latest display driver which is over 419.35, or the headset will be disconnected and shown as 10600 error.

NVIDIA driver:https://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx

3. Pitool installation:

When you install Pitool, please make sure you have closed or disabled all security and antivirus software. If you forget to do it, you could re-install Pitool again to make sure all the file have been installed.

4. Pitool Error code:

Please check the error code for disconnection:

10500 means USB connection fail,  please try to re-plug it or try another USB port.

10600 means DP connection fail, please re-plug it or try another DP port.

5. PC diagnose:

Please go to Pitool->Help->Diagnose to check whether everything is ok or please follow the instruction to fix it.

If you find "missing DX component", please download and install as below:


If you find "missing VC component", please download and install as below: