Weekly Update August 13th 2020

8KX Production and Logistics Advisory

8KX headset production continues to increase and we can announce we will begin processing upgrades and pre-orders on 26th August 2020. Please click this link for more information.

8KX Backer box contents will include the following items:

8KX headset with the SMAS (Standard Modular Audio Strap), Display Port cable, Comfort Kit, and both the thin and the thick facepads.

*If a backer didn’t receive 2 face pads, we will arrange to resend another face pad to you when we ship out the stretch goal box.

Shipping Sequence: We will continue to attempt shipment of the headsets based on the date they were ordered.

If you are an 8KX backer that has not yet confirmed your shipping address don’t worry as we have reserved your headset package and will ship as soon as you confirm you address.

Hand Tracking Module Progress

Great news, we have received our first small shipment of production hand tracking modules! We are currently inspecting them and if there are no issues we will begin shipping these units next week. We are also scheduled to produce sufficient quantities of hand tracking modules for everyone who has ordered one this month.

Eye Tracking Module DFR Driver

Resolving the DFR driver is our top software priority and we have produced 2 beta versions of the software aimed at achieving a driver that operates smoothly and easily. These betas are continuing to undergo internal testing at the moment. We hope to have a beta we can release this weekend or early next week.

OpenMR Maintenance Update

We will be bringing the OpenMR forums back up to full operation but due to a technical issue we are continuing to experience some difficulty in resuming forum operations. The IT team is putting a lot of effort into resolving the issues and we will advise further once more information is available.

Thank you so much.

Your Pimax Team.