Weekly Update

August 26th 2020

8KX Shipments Expanding and Entering Next Phase

We are now shipping upgrades and pre-orders to those who have confirmed their shipping address.

If you have not already done so please visit this page 33 that will allow you to confirm your shipping address.

If you are an 8KX backer please make sure you also use the link 7 to update the latest shipping address. A fair amount of 8KX backers still have not verified their addresses so please visit the link or contact support as soon as possible as your headset is ready to ship.

Hand Tracking Module Passes Testing

The final samples of the production hand tracking module have passed the various tests. These modules are largely compatible with existing hand tracking software so those that receive the upcoming shipments will immediately be able to put their modules to use. We expect the shipments to begin on next week…

Eye Tracking Module Firmware and other updates

We recently posted a firmware update from 7invensun for the eye tracking module. Users have experienced issues with this update and are currently advised to wait before applying it. In the next few days, we will advise about a replacement update and further updates to Pitool for eye tracking support.

Pimax Experience Closed Beta Continues

We have provided the Pimax Experience to about a dozen people in our closed beta. This beta is progressing quite well and several updates have rapidly been released that contain many suggested improvements.

Moving forward we will continue to increase the number of participants in the beta and we expect to progress soon to an open beta. (If you are interested in the closed beta please make the request in the Pimax Experience section of the Pimax forum. To enter the closed beta you must be willing to provide private feedback on issues you experience and improvements you would like to see.)

We will publish updates on the 8KX shipment advisory and KDMAS by coming Thursday and Friday. Please kindly stay tuned.

Your Pimax Team.