For Pimax Artisan & 5K Plus/XR/Super & 8K PLUS/X, you could find our Knowledge base and video instruction here:

Pitool Related

Pitool download:



Pitool 269: 

Pitool 270:

Pitool installation:

When you install Pitool, please make sure you have closed or disabled all security and antivirus software. If you have forgot to do it, you could re-install Pitool again to make sure all files have been installed.

Connection Issue Related

1. Physical connection:

Please make sure you have both LCD monitor and Pimax headset connected.

Pimax headset could not work without LCD monitor.

Please make sure you have connected USB/DP cable with PC, and plug the power adapter accordingly. 

DP cable is inserted to the independent display card tightly. 

Red LED means a connection issue may be found, probably the DP slot is not plugged in or the power adapter is not connected.

Green means the headset is connected.

Purple means the headset is connected and it is running in parallel projection mode.

Blinking means that the DFU mode is on.

You'd better install Win10 Pro as your operating system. It is quite compatible with steam VR and Pitool.

2. Display card Driver:

Please make sure you have installed the latest display driver which is over 419.35, or the headset will be disconnected and shown as 10600 error.

NVIDIA driver:

3. Pitool Error code:

Please check the error code for disconnection:

10500 means USB connection fails, please try to re-plug it or try another USB port.

10600 means DP connection fails, please re-plug it or try another DP port.

4. PC diagnose:

Please go to Pitool->Help->Diagnose to check whether everything is ok or please follow the instruction to fix it.

If you find "missing DX component", please download and install as below:

If you find "missing VC component", please download and install as below:

Firmware Related

Firmware download:

Firmware download:

Firmware download:

Firmware download:

Firmware 271 debug:

Refresh tool:

1.Normal firmware upgrade

First, please keep the headset connected and open "Dfu.exe" from the folder "C:\Program Files\Pimax\Runtime". If the file "Dfu.exe" is not showing up, please download it from the link below

After downloading, please drag the file Dfu.exe to "Runtime" and open it.

Then, please launch dfu.exe and choose the firmware to refresh the headset.

2. Firmware upgrade under DFU mode

Here are the steps to manually enter the DFU mode and flash the firmware:

1. Exit Pitool app and stop the PiserviceLauncher service in task manager service from windows.

2. Power off the helmet (disconnect the adapter power from the helmet), and then hold on 3 buttons together on the helmet after power off.

3. Connect the power adapter again, and the indicator light of the helmet is white. After 8s, please release the Power key, then the indicator light becomes blue. After 8s again, release the middle button(Vol+), and the indicator will turn to blue. After 1s, release the last button(Vol-), and the light will be flickered, indicating that it has entered the DFU mode.

(Plus: 5KS, 8KX, and new 8K+ use USB cable instead of a power adapter.)

Before continuing the next step make sure the LED is blinking. Then press the Windows key+R on the keyboard and type CMD to enter it. Afterward, drag the DfuSeCommand.exe (this file is in DFUupgrade) into the command window and input " 0 ". Lastly, drag the firmware directly to the windows like in the picture below.

Press the “Enter” key, then the upgrade will be conducted and finished. 

Command line is "DfuSeCommand.exe 0 filename", and file name is like "c:\123.dfu".

You could find the firmware mentioned earlier in this post or just download it from our website.


Log Related

Save logs

You can export a log in Pitool by clicking Pitool-->Help-->Export Log:

Tracking issue related

1.Different channels for base stations:

Please ensure you have set different channels for each base station.

    VIVE 1.0: 

  - If there is only one base station in your hands, please set it as channel b

  - If two base stations in your hands, please set one as channel b, set another one is channel c

    VIVE 2.0 / Index: 

   - You could set 16 different channels for VIVE 2.0 or Index base station.

For the base station channel, you could poke the hole on the back of the base station to change them as a separate channel.

 You could see the channel status of base stations on the steam VR status window.

2.Pitool setting:

Please ensure you have selected "lighthouse" in Pitool setting as below.

If you do not have a base station, you could choose 9-Axis for seated mode games.

3. Position of base station

Please keep the distance is more than 1.5m between the headset and base station when you are playing the game, or the tracking will be lost. Please also ensure that the height of the base station is about 2m.

4. Delete configuration files
When you find the headset is not tracking, please try to delete the contents of the folder C:\ProgramData\pimax\runtime\config\lighthouse (don't worry. they'll be recreated automatically after the next step). Then, close "Restart service" on Pitool.

5. Lighthouse console - LHR device

Make sure the tracking board inside the headset (LHR-XXX) is detected by the lighthouse console. Just launch the program of "lighthouse_console.exe" under C:\Program Files\Pimax\Runtime and check. If there is no LHR-xxx receiver found as shown in the below screenshot, please contact Pimax technical support team for help. 


6.  Dis and period command line in lighthouse_console

You could use the "dis" command to see your tracking status. If you could not see the contents shown in the yellow box, please check whether the base station is working or not, or please contact the Technical support team for help. And, you could use the "period" command to see the status of the sensors on the headset. When contacting the support team, please take screenshots to show the test results. 


7.  Errors command in lighthouse_console

The "errors" command will show you the errors on the sensors. For example, if the value of "pulse_queue_overflow" is not "0", and if it is always getting bigger and bigger. That means there might be a serious problem with the sensor of the headset. 

But, the pulse_queue_overflow normally returns to 0 after the HMD is powered on next time. In addition, if this value does not keep increasing, it should not affect the use of the HMD. 

8. Technical support from Valve:

For base station and controller issues, you could leave the steam VR logs and look for the support from Valve Steam as below, their techs could take an in-depth look:

If they think it is their HW issue, we will arrange a replacement for you.