**USB 3.0 Eye Tracking Module Setup **
For All Pimax Headsets

Special Note: We are developing a comprehensive eye tracking module guide that answers ALL known questions and should have that ready for download within a few days. We also have new versions of the software as a high priority for the two teams who are working on this.

Installation Steps:
1.Use a USB 3.0 compatible data cable and insert it into the USB-C port located on the side port of your Eye Tracking Module and the USB port into a USB 3.0 or better port on your PC as shown below.


Follow these steps to TEST your Eye Tracking Module:

To test if the Eye Tracking module is operating in USB 3.0 mode just follow these steps:
(please exit all eye tracking software like Pitool before performing this test)

1.Please download and install the Eye Tracking Measurement Tool (AMCAP) here: https://amcap.en.softonic.com/ 5

2.Open AMCAP and select the drop-down menu called “Options” as shown in the photo below.
3.Select 120 frame rate and 640*480 resolution.
4.If 118 FPS appears in the lower left corner this means that the eye tracking is working in USB3.0 mode.
Troubleshooting: If 118 FPS does not appear please make certain you are connected to a USB 3.0 compatible port on your PC and using a high quality USB 3.0 cable.

Additional Notes:

Here are some cables that can be used for the Eye Tracking module
(preliminary list)
Currently Tested Cables:

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Your Pimax Team.