Pimax Launches 5K SUPER with Refresh Rate Reaching 180Hz

—Now in Stock!

5K SUPER (Standard Modular Strap version / or SMAS version) is available for purchase at www.pimax.com.

Image/ Pimax 5K SUPER


Today Pimax is announcing the general availability of the new Pimax 5K SUPER, a refreshed version of the popular Pimax 5K Plus with a wide variety of updates. 

5K SUPER’s Highlights:

     · NEW Industry-leading high refresh rate with a standard 160Hz and even an experimental 180Hz mode for the smoothest gaming experience on the market today! 

    · Includes: Our NEW Modular Audio Strap (MAS) that allows much greater comfort and ease of use. Use your VR headset for hours. 

    · Includes: Our popular Pimax comfort kit face cowling which includes a wide soft facial foam that feels great. 

    · Includes: The Pimax nose guard that prevents light leakage around your nose area. 

    · Includes: The Pimax ruggedized housing system that is resistant to bumps and scrapes. 

    · Includes: The Pimax VR Experience software that dramatically enhances the ease of setting up and launching VR software!

*Due to the limitation of bandwidth, when 5K SUPER runs on 160Hz, the biggest FOV to achieve is 170° (diagonally)


Steam VR Lighthouse Tracking

The 5K SUPER is supported by both Steam VR 1.0 and 2.0 lighthouse tracking technology that allows for large room tracking up to 10m x10m , enabling the users to move freely in a big space with reliable tracking performance such as tracking consistency. Lighthouse tracking is the most advanced and accurate room scale tracking system on the market today and allows tracking even when your controllers are below the waist, behind you or when they move close to the headset. 

The NEW Pimax VR Experience Software

Pimax headsets now include the new Pimax VR Experience software which automates and dramatically reduces configuration time for VR software. This system automatically applies all VR optimizations required for Pimax headsets and can launch VR software from any platform with just a single click. 

 5K SUPER on Pimax VR Experience

5K SUPER’s Refresh Rate Breakthrough

The 5K SUPER with it’s standard refresh rate hitting 160Hz and even includes an experimental 180Hz mode, offers the user multiple selectable refresh rates and fields of view that set new standards for VR immersion. This amazing flexibility allows for the best possible experience with all VR titles available today. From watching movies to playing rapid reaction games out there the ideal refresh rate is easily selectable with a click. 

With our new breakthrough refresh rates fast-paced action appear buttery smooth and allow you to see ALL the action.

 5K SUPER Demo (running on 180Hz mode on Pistol Whip)


Image/ 5K SUPER on PiTool Setting

5K SUPER (Standard Modular Strap version / or SMAS version) is available for purchase at www.pimax.com.