1.Different channels for base stations:

Please ensure you have set different channels for each base station.

    VIVE 1.0: 

    - If there is only one base station in your hands, please set as channel b

    - If two base stations in your hands, please set one is channel b, set the another one is channel c

    VIVE 2.0 / Index: 

   - You could set 16 different channels for VIVE 2.0 or Index base station.

For base station channel, you could poke the hole on the back of base station to change them as separate channel.

 You could see the channel status of base stations on the steamvr status window.

2.Pitool setting:

Please ensure you have chosen the item " lighthouse " in Pitool setting as below.

If you do not have base station, you could choose 9-Axis for seated mode games.

3. Position of base station

Please keep the distance is more than 1.5m between the headset and base station when you are playing the game, or the tracking will be lost. Please also ensure that the height of the base station is about 2m.

4. Delete configuration files

When you find the headset is not tracking, please try to :

delete the contents of 

C:\ProgramData\pimax\runtime\config\lighthouse (don’t worry - they’ll be

 recreated automatically when restarting the service in the next steps)

Click  "restart service" on the Pitool as below:

Please see whether the headset is tracking now or not.

5. Lighthouse console - LHR device

Make sure the tracking board inside the headset (LHR-XXX) is detected by the lighthouse console:

launch the program of "lighthouse_console.exe" under C:\Program Files\Pimax\Runtime

If there is no LHR-xxx receiver found as the below windows, please consider to reset the tracking board to have a try.