Dear Pimax Sword Controller Customer,

We are preparing to ship our Sword controllers and this notification contains important updated information for those about to receive their new VR controller devices. 

Here are some quick details on the Sword controller features and specifications: 

  • · SteamVR base station 1.0 and 2.0 compatible high accuracy VR controllers.
  • · Battery Hot-Swap capability. Swap batteries without losing the connection to SteamVR and continue gaming without interruption.
  • · High sensitivity track-pad controls and ergonomic trigger. 
  • · Commonly accessible battery that can be purchased easily online.
  • · Battery Quick-charges via a 3 channel charging system.
  • · Advanced tactile coating enhances grip and comfort.
  • · 52 sensors track position from all angles and at any distance from your body. (even when your hands are behind you, close to the headset or below your waist).
  • · 4 Hours continuous operation between charges.
  • · Ruggedized design for long life.
  • · Designed to cup your hand and be wielded like a fencing sword.
  • · Includes a lanyard.

Here is a Sword unboxing from a reviewer if you would like to check out how they look: 


Important Update: 
In our efforts to optimize Capsense (individual finger tracking) capability for our Sword of VR controllers we have determined we will not be able to achieve the level of compatibility we set out to accomplish and will not include a Capsense capability in our Sword Controllers. Other prominent requests are to add a “B” button and a version with a joystick. We have decided not to create alternation versions of the Sword controller and will only release the trackpad version. We understand some of you may be disappointed with this decision and we sincerely apologize to those of you interested in a joystick version. 

As a result, we are again offering refunds to those who request it. Those who want refunds please create a service ticket using this link: 
In the title please use “
Sword Refund for backer number xxx” (replace xxx with your backer number). All requests for refunds must be made before November 30th, 2021. Those we do not receive a request and still have an outstanding order for Sword controllers will receive the trackpad edition. You can submit a ticket title “Sword address confirmation” and use the following format:


Address 1:

Address 2:







For those who does not want to receive the trackpad edition nor refund, you may consider the Upgrade Plan :

Add on $179 to receive a pair of Index Controller.

If you wish to perform this, please contact with our Customer Service Team, with ticket title “Sword Upgrade Plan”.


Last but not least, please accept our apologize.



Your Pimax Team