Question: Fault detection 10500


l The LED light is off, check if the HMD power adapter is plugged in. If yes, please ensure the power adaptor is connected correctly.

l The LED light is red, check whether the USB on the HMD end and the computer end is plugged tightly .

l The LED light is still red, please open the device manager--->Check if the USB is recognized correctly in the universal serial interface. If the yellow excalmatory mark appears, please re-connect the headset DP cable or re-start the computer.

l The LED light flickers alternate between red, green and blue, please open the device manager--->Check if Guillemot STM DFU device is displayed in Sound, Video and Game Controller. If yes, please delete and uninstall it first.


Here are the detailed steps about how to delete Guillemot STM DFU Device:

     1. Please delete these two folders: C:\Program Files\Guillemot and C:\Program Files(x86)\Guillemot. Uninstall this device in the device manager. Please ensure its driver software will be deleted as well.

    2. After finishing the above step, please close PiServiceLauncher service in task manager. The Led light still flickers alternate between red, green and blue, please open the device manager--->Check if there is a STM Device in DFU mode device in the universal serial interface. (In some cases, STM cannot be displayed normally due to lack of the driver. Please open C:\Program Files\Pimax\Runtime\dfudriver, double-click stm_dfu_3040_63.exe and install the driver.

    3.Firmware can be refreshed manually if STM Device in DFU mode device is displayed normally.


Here are the detailed steps about how to enter the DFU mode and refresh the firmware manually

     1. Please contact our technical supporting team and provide the firmware. Headset model, SN number (bottom of the headset) and current Pitool version should be indicated clearly in your ticket.Our technical supporting team will provide the corresponding firmware according to the received information.   

    2. Please close Pitool and stop the PiserviceLauncher service in task manager.Then power off the headset (just disconnect the adapter power) and hold down 3 buttons on it. After that, re-connect the adapter power and the LED light should be white. (5K Super,8KX and the new version 8K+ are powered by USB without power adapter. Just plug and remove the blue USB3.0 cable.)


    3.Please release the power button after 8 seconds, the LED light should be blue. After another 8 seconds, release the middle button, the LED light should also be blue. After another 1 second, release the last button, the LED light should flicker alternate between red, green and blue which means it has entered the DFU mode. 

USB cable enters DFU mode:

Adapter cable enters the DFU mode:

    4.Please download tools zipand unzip to the desktop:( , code: gndr)

Press Windows+R, enter CMD and press Enter. Drag DfuSeCommand.exe from the tool folder to the CMD window, enter Space +0+Space and then drag the firmware to be refreshed.


The firmware upgrading process can be displayed till it is finished.


The headset can be displayed normally after upgrading. The LED light green. Pitool indicates the connection is successful.


The LED light is yellow, please directly refresh the firmware manually.



Question: Fault detection 10600


l Check if the DP line on the HMD end is plugged tightly or not (try to plug in other DP interfaces or use other computers)

l Check if the graphics driver is the latest version (recommend to log in to NVIDIA official website to upgrade)

l Uninstall the current graphics card driver and reinstall it.



Question: Fault detection 30000


l This error code indicates Piservicelauncher service hasn’t been opened. Please enter the task manager and open it. If there is no such service, please temporarily close the anti-virus software and re-install Pitool to have a try.




Question: Fault detection 10936


l Please check whether your graphics card is 3090TI first. If yes, a repeater (more than 2A USD adaptor power) together with one Pimax original DP cable (4.5M/5M/6M fiber optical) , and another AmazonBasics 1.8M DP cable can be used to resolve the compatibility problem.

DP cable purchase link

Repeater purchase link:


Connection diagram




Question: Fault detection 20300


l Thank you for your feedback. This error may be caused by too many USB devices. We suggest you disconnect some of them and try again.