Question: How to use the HMD without a base station? 

If you do not have a base station used for positioning, please uncheck the Lighthouse Positioning solution in the Pimax Store settings and switch to 9-axis mode.



Question: Matters need attention when using the base station for the first time.  

Connect the HMD first, and the Pimax Home setting screen will be displayed. Then, follow the wizard prompts to set up the room.




Question: How to use single/dual base stations?

Single base station users should switch the lighthouse to B mode (dual base station setting B/C mode). The distance between the HMD and the lighthouse is kept more than 1.5 meters. And the height of the lighthouse from the ground is recommended to be set up about 2 meters.

Refer to the following link:


Question: The HMD indicates it is not positioned and the controller lighthouse is not ready for use. 

First pick up the HMD, and swing it right and left to the lighthouse several times. If the problem is still not solved.

Please check this post: