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OpenXR is an open standard that provides high-performance access to AR and VR (collectively known as XR, hence the name).

What this actually means, for most people, is that OpenXR allows you to play SteamVR-based games on an OpenXR-compatible headset as though they were native titles, without the use of SteamVR! In most cases, this greatly improves graphic performance. Many people encounter problems when using SteamVR. To improve the frame rate of some games like MSFS2020, openXR is needed.

How to start

You will need the following four pieces of software:

1: Pimax PC Client

You’ll need this piece of software to run the Crystal (and/or the 8KX). You can use it to set up a lot of settings for the VR headset.

2: PimaxXR

This program is a Windows OpenXR runtime for Pimax headsets. It allows you to run OpenXR applications without SteamVR, and is made by Matthieu Bucchianeri. (Appreciate Mbucchia for making this!)

3: OpenXR Toolkit

This software provides a collection of useful features to customize and improve existing OpenXR applications, including render upscaling and sharpening, foveated rendering, image post-processing, hand tracking to controller input simulation (on supported devices only) and other game-enhancing tweaks.


4: OpenComposite

OpenComposite OpenXR (previously known as OpenOVR – OpenVR for OculusVR – but renamed due to confusion with OpenVR) is an implementation of SteamVR’s API – OpenVR, forwarding calls directly to the OpenXR runtime.

Download OpenComposite:

Now games such as MSFS2020 is ready to use out-of-the-box for Crystal (also 8KX)!

How to set it up

Install the three pieces of software and make sure OpenComposite is selected in OpenComposite, and PimaxXR in PimaxXR.

You can open DCS World or MFSF from Steam but don’t use SteamVR (If you get the choice, don’t choose SteamVR).

The game will load without VR. Use Shift+Tab to enable VR.

Use Control+ Up (depending on your settings) to load up the menu. Also decrease the sharpness. This is only visible in VR. We advice to decrease the size and enable Turbo Mode. These settings below work well for the 3080.

Lastly, go into the System tab of OpenXR and hit ‘Override Resolution’: Yes.

If you have trouble setting it up, head to the OpenXR Discord server, or join us at the Pimax Discord server.
OpenXR Toolkit:
Specific settings for running MSFS on a 3080 with Crystal: