Here’s the log of the questions and answers from the AMA held on July 7, on the official Pimax Discord. Dozens of users submitted questions on social media as well as live during the event, with several Pimax staff answering the questions.
Still have questions left? Join us on Sunday 16th of July, 19:00 to 20:00 PT on Discord for another AMA session.
Product questions
Question: Is there an expected public release date for the stable version of Eye Tracking?
Answer: We have already released the eye-tracking feature to the internal testing channels and have received positive feedback overall. However, we are still working on optimizing the accuracy of the eye tracking. We anticipate that it won’t be long before we release it to the public channels.
Q: What parameters will we get for it (gaze, eyes closed/open, eyelid movements? pupil size?)
A: In the initial version, we will support gaze, positional tracking, and dynamic foveated rendering. More features will be confirmed soon and/or continuously updated in subsequent versions.
Q: When is the lighthouse cover coming out?
A: The Lighthouse panel was first showcased at the 2023 CES exhibition. Although we had already achieved a working front cover for the Crystal, we still want to improve it. Currently, the Lighthouse panel is our highest priority internally. Mold samples are expected to arrive in July, and our software is ready, so we will soon be able to begin production. We anticipate that it will be officially available for sale to all users in Q3. Prior to that, we will prioritize providing small batches of samples for testing and user experience to our beta testers
(Rest assured that we have been deeply involved in the development of the Lighthouse panel since 2017.)
Q: When will the 60G module come out?
A: Regarding the 60G module: Our goal is to enable high-quality wireless gaming experiences. To ensure the necessary software functionality, we have gone through four iterations of the 60G module hardware, and it is gradually nearing completion. We believe that we will be able to demonstrate it in Q3.
Q: The weight distribution issue of the Pimax Crystal is something that you have considered during its development, right? Currently, it is indeed front-heavy.
A: We plan to release a small batch of improved strap in the third quarter and begin shipping them in the fourth quarter. This is not a new backstrap of the Crystal, just a new accessory that’ll work with existing Crystal’s. We anticipate starting small-scale production in Q3.
Also, we have created a video specifically about wearing the headset, which can effectively help you achieve a better fit. Additionally, we have incorporated a wear detection feature in the eye tracking functionality, which can remind you to adjust the fit. We are also planning to release an updated version of the head strap to provide users with a more comfortable wearing experience.
Q: Will people who have preordered or recently ordered their Crystal be shipped the improved version that fixes the current weight issues among other things?
A: We apologize for any misunderstanding caused by our previous statement (which was screenshotted and put onto the public Discord server), as it may not have been clear enough. The current Crystal is indeed the final version of the hardware. The new improved headstrap is an accessory that will be available for all Crystal models, including those that have already been purchased.
Q: What about prescription lenses? Will any prescription be included in the glass lenses itself? That would be amazing.
We have plans to introduce prescription lens frames internally, providing users with options for corrective lenses. Additionally, we are also considering collaborations with third parties to offer faster and more convenient solutions for users with nearsightedness.
Q: I’m curious if the MR cover is still available?
A: Due to the release of Apple’s MR (Mixed Reality) product, we have upgraded the specifications of our existing MR product. We will take Apple’s MR capabilities as a reference for our product design. In the future, we will also conduct live broadcasts of our MR products through press conferences.
Q: How big is the FOV of a wide FOV lens?
A: Our target goal is to achieve a 15% improvement compared to the default 35 PPD lens.
Q: It is very difficult to change the battery of Crystal, it takes a lot of effort every time.
A: The reason behind our design is to prevent the battery from falling out when the headset is dropped, which is why it is intentionally designed to be difficult to detach. We have created a demonstration video to show how to easily remove the battery. Additionally, by using a HUB, you can extend the usage time and minimize the frequency of battery replacements during use.
Q: Will Eye Tracking accuracy be guaranteed (including near vision lenses) to ensure accurate pupil distance recognition? Otherwise, the visual effect will also be affected.
A: We are currently optimizing the accuracy of eye tracking. In the subsequent public release, we will achieve further improvements in accuracy optimization.
Q: Does Crystal run 10-bit color over Display Port to the headset, or is it 8-bit color?
Currently, it is 8-bit.
Q: The controller often disappears in the game, or the controller is there but not moving, has this issue been solved? Or when will the handle loss problem be solved completely?
A: The issue of controller positioning is an area we have been actively working on to optimize in the recent period. In the new version that has been iterated this week, we have already made improvements to some of the issues, and users can update the controller firmware to experience the improved tracking.
Furthermore, we are conducting further analysis and optimization based on user feedback regarding specific usage scenarios. We have made some progress so far, and once it has been thoroughly validated locally, we will continue to iterate and release upgraded versions to everyone.
Q: Can I use the Index controller with Crystal without the lighthouse face plate?
A: The Lighthouse plate is required to connect the Index controllers, and it will be available soon.
Q: What’s the status for hand tracking and using pass-through mode for productivity work such as doing office work in VR? (That requires being able to see where your keyboard and mouse are?)
A: The Crystal headset does not currently support the pass-through mode now. As for MR features, we will introduce the MR features in our future MR plate releases.
Q: How long will the battery last using WIFI6? With SteamVR as well as stand-alone mode?
A: In standalone mode, the battery can last approximately 2-3 hours. However, using the WiFi may have some impact on battery life. Please note that the Crystal comes with two batteries so you can always use one while the other charges.
Q: After you finish the stable 120hz update, is there any chance you make it VRR compatible with nVidia GSync or AMD FreeSync instead of focusing on 160hz?
A: nVidia GSync or AMD FreeSync are primarily used for flat-panel displays to address screen tearing and stuttering issues in gaming, with the goal of providing a smoother and more responsive gaming experience. Currently, we have integrated intelligent frame interpolation functionality into Crystal’s software to address the occurrence of stuttering and screen tearing during usage.
Q: Will the AIO SDK be OpenXR compliant?
A: We are actively developing the SDK and currently have plans to make it compatible with OpenXR.
Question: When will the all-in-one firmware be released?
Answer: We’re working on the standalone mode and doing internal testing. The standalone mode involves the development of an entire content ecosystem, and we’re already in touch with many SDK developers. But right now our main development focus is Crystal’s PCVR mode, so it will affect the launch of the standalone mode. Once the PCVR mode is fully functional and optimized, we will finish the development of the standalone mode.
Q: Is the hand-tracking module for Pimax 8K/5K compatible with the Pimax Crystal?
A: The hand-tracking for 8KX can also be used with Crystal. You can see a demo here.
Q: Does the Crystal have AMD support on RX7000 GPUs?
We have conducted collaborative debugging with the official technical team from AMD. Currently, it has been observed that there are delays and stuttering issues with the existing AMD graphics card drivers. The AMD technical team is working on fixing these issues, and once the fixes are completed, they will release a new AMD graphics card driver to address the problems.
Q: Is there overheating protection in the batteries? Have the batteries gone through full safety regulations standards testing according to the highest standard for all countries?
A: There are some mandatory certification requirements from different markets. And we pass CE and FCC, and more.
Q: When will the finger tracking be enabled on the controllers of the Crystal?
A: The Crystal controllers are equipped with hardware that supports finger tracking. We have already provided users with a beta version of finger tracking functionality, and we will continue to iterate and improve the finger-tracking experience in the future, providing users with a better finger-tracking experience.
Q: I have heard over-exaggerated sibilance on the microphone also popping sounds and weird artifacts where the left and right channels in the microphone get distorted or separate.
A: The current microphone is functioning properly. If any issues arise, please promptly provide feedback, and we will offer technical support.
Q: Can Pimax provide the community with CAD files, for example for the facial interface? I think the community could make some really interesting and useful designs.
A: Pimax has plans to make CAD files publicly available and will update the status in the future.
Q: The audio got a massive update for beta testers, when will you release this for end consumers?
A: Hard to give an exact deadline, but usually the updates the beta testers get are also given to the public within one or two weeks.
Q: How about open-sourcing parts of Pimax client in a modular fashion? Pimax can merge pull requests that are good.
A: Our software team is currently evaluating the possibility of releasing it.
Q: How much bandwidth does the Wigig adaptor have. Also is there compression happing to the image, If so what type of compression?
Our purpose in using WiGig is to meet the demands of PC hardcore gamers and achieve better visual effects through technologies like eye tracking and Dynamic Foveated Transport.
Q: Does Pimax have anything to say on why 120hz mode seems unreliable on a handful of first shipments of fiber cables when some of those same people have reported 120hz working with copper cables? Will those affected customers be eligible for replacements under warranty?
A: Both the fiber optic cable and DP cable support 120HZ. If there are any problems in use, you can contact us promptly after-sales or technical window, we will support you in time to solve them.
Customer care questions
Q: Can I receive the replacement product before returning the defective one?
A: After the defective product is returned to the designated after-sales warehouse, our customer service will promptly allocate the nearest available stock for replacement. In special cases, adjustments can be made to first provide the replacement and then proceed with the return, such as in cases of known batch issues.
Q: What is the turnaround time for a replacement?
A: After receiving defective products returned, we promise to deliver within 7 days.
Q: For the function is not complete, how to calculate the warranty period?
A: We promise to provide the corresponding warranty period based on the launch time of the feature.
Q: How long is our warranty period?
A: We will comply with local laws and regulations and provide no less than the number of years of warranty service stipulated by law.
Q: If I choose to exchange the product within the return period but remain unsatisfied, can I still return it for a refund?
A: We will reserve the return rights for you for the exchange within the return period. We want to give you a worry-free experience.
Q: Do you have a local repair shop?
A: At this stage, Pimax is still upgrading, and localized maintenance service is the focus of this year, and it is already under planning and construction.
Q: Who bears the freight for return and exchange?
A: Any Return caused by Pimax will be borne by Pimax. We will create a Return label for you or reimburse the freight.
Q: If I don’t want it anymore and the product is fine, can I return it?
A: For products sold on the official website, as per the platform terms, we accept a refund for no reason, but you need to bear a deduction of $100 (shipping and packaging loss).
Q: I have a question, where can I find service?
A: You can contact us at Support on the official website.
Q: When I get a replacement with a fiber optic line, will the replacement also be a fiber optic cable?
A: For existing optical fiber cable users, if the replacement is a copper cable version, the optical fiber cable can be retained after the replacement.
Sales Questions
Q: I see that Pimax now has an Experience Centre to try out Crystal, where can I find them? How can I make an appointment?
A: You can see our Pimax Experience centers across the world:
Q: How is the construction of the global-local delivery and care center progressing?
Pimax already has more than twenty global warehouses in the USA, Europe (Germany, France, Italy), the UK, Japan, Australia etc. Will begin local delivery in August,
Pimax already has two customer care centers in the US and Europe, to smoothen the returning and repairing of headsets.
Q: Can you tell us the status of Crystal’s current shipment?
A: Pimax already informed users who pre-order before 6/30 to finish the payment and we plan to deliver headsets to them before the end of July
Q. I have pre-ordered Crystal from the Pimax website and would like to ask what our shipping process is like?
A: Pimax sends an email to each user to do the final payment and confirm delivery information (address etc) within 3 working days. After shipment, Pimax will also send the tracking number by email.
Q. When can we purchase from Amazon or NewEgg?
A: From August.
Q. How many local markets does Pimax already support?
A: Basically worldwide. Just now, we cannot cover a few markets yet (Brazil, Russia, and a few remote islands)
Q: Could I reserve my pre-order for a little bit more time because I am on vacation or away?
A: Sure. Please inform Pimax email, with your target schedule and we will reserve your pre-order. And enjoy your holiday!