Installation Instructions:

  1. Prior to installation, make sure to shut down the OpenXR Toolkit Companion app, PimaxXR Control Center, and OpenComposite.exe.
  2. Proceed with the installation of the PimaxPlay client.

How to use :

  1. Toggle the eye tracking feature and enable auto-IPD adjustment. When you put on the headset, it should trigger the feature.
  2.  Check Windows Device Manager for the "EyeChip" device. If it's present, it indicates a successful startup. If not, try restarting or reinstalling Pimax Play.

            Note: After uninstalling PimaxPlay, manually deleting all of the Pimax folders in %AppData% and then reinstalling PimaxPlay.

  1. Use a camera to verify if the IR LEDs on the headset light up when pointed towards the lenses. If they don't, gently reseat the lenses until you hear a "click" sound. Please deactivate the flashlight or refrain from using it while capturing the picture.
  2. After a proper installation, launching PimaxPlay should start the platform_runtime_VR4PIMAXP3B_service.exe, which you can see in the Task Manager. If it doesn't start, consider completely uninstalling PimaxPlay and then reinstalling it.
  3. In the Task Manager under Services, check if the Tobii runtime is listed as "running." If not, manually enable it.If you've followed all these steps and the IR LEDs are still not visible, export a log file and send it to us.