If the 10936 error occurs after updating the firmware or updating Pitool, first ask the user to change the computer. If it can be connected normally, there may be the following reasons.



  • The data line problem (or change the DPport)
  • The graphics card driver is not updated
  • Something wrongwith the graphics card, try to update the driver first
  • Encounter disconnection issue with 3090 Ti graphics card. If your HMD model is 8KX        KDMAS, the problem can be solved by buying a 6M fiber optical cable. If your HMD model is 8KX DMAS, the problem can be solved only through a repeater+1.8M DP line. As for others models, if it’s powered by USB, the problem can be solved through a 6M fiber optical cable. If it’s powered by adapter, the solution is the same as 8KX DMAS. The purchasing links are as follows:

Link for repeater:


Link for 1.8M DP line:


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If the problem still exists, please contact Pimax Customer Support Team for help.