Pimax Headset Connectivity Troubleshooting

Error Code: 10500 

Troubleshooting Steps: DisplayPort Connection

Step 1: Verify Firmware Status

      • Switch the headset toggle to AIO mode.

      • Check for a solid green LED and Pimax lobby display upon boot.

Step 2: Switch the headset toggle back to PCVR Mode.

Step 3: Check Headset Indicator Light 

      •  Ensure constant blue light during boot for correct connection.

Step 4: Verify USB Connection

    • Secure the USB connection between the headset and the computer.

Step 5: Verify DP Cable Connection

       • Insert DP cable until you hear a "click" sound.

Step 6: Confirm Connection

      • PimaxPlay client should display "connected," and the headset's indicator light should be a constant green.

Troubleshooting Steps: Unknown USB Devices

Step 1: Identify and Disable Unknown USB Device
In Device Manager, if an unknown USB device is visible, right-click and choose "Disable." Then, right-click and select "Enable" to restore connection.

Step 2: Use "Search" to locate and select the "Services" application.

Step 3: Verify "Plug and Play" Service Activation

Step 4: Enable "Plug and Play" Service
Right-click on the "Plug and Play" service, select "Properties," set the "Startup Type" to "Automatic," 

then click "Start" to activate the service.

Step 5: Verify Service Activation
Check if the "Plug and Play" service is displayed as "Running."

Step 6: Reconnect and Verify USB Device
Reconnect the USB device. In Device Manager under "Universal Serial Bus Controllers,"
check if the USB device is functioning correctly.

Troubleshooting Steps: Unrecognized USB Devices

Usbdeview to manage and clean hidden USB devices.

Error Code: 10600 - Headset Not Recognized in PCVR Mode

Step 1: Graphics Card Driver Issue

       • Update the graphics card driver.

Step 2: DP Cable Connection Issues

      • Reconnect the DP cable and try a different port on the computer.

Error Code: 10936 - Failure to Initialize Headset Screen

Step 1: Unstable DP Cable Connection

       • Reconnect DP cables at both ends.

Step 2: Computer System or Graphics Card Abnormalities

      • Restart the computer for normal functionality.

Error Code: 10938 - Graphics Card Output Reaches Maximum Capacity

Step 1: Using Multiple Displays

       • Connect only one display along with the HMD.

Step 2: High-Resolution or High-Refresh-Rate Displays

       • Lower display resolution or refresh rate. Try using an HDMI cable if using a DP connection for the display.

Error Code: 30205 - Timeout in HMD Connection to Computer

Solution: Restart the service or reboot the headset.